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Funding for important projects, such as the projects we support, is difficult to find. Agencies on which many institutions have traditionally depended on have had to cut back drastically or altogether. Rising costs of field work in the Middle East have made archaeological projects very complex and expensive, making the funding of them beyond the means of a single institution or often even a consortium of institutions. The CenturyOne Foundation, Inc. was established to help fill this void. This is made possible by donations we receive from the general public.

How do you fund an archaeological excavation during an economic recession?

The total minimum costs for a four week season run about $90,000 and this does not include conservation, storage, and curating during the rest of the year. To raise the additional funds necessary to fund the 2018 season, the Dig on Mt. Zion is looking to help from the general public. If you would like to help, please visit their web site and make your donation of any size. It will be appreciated.

Giving is a personal act reflecting one's own interests, goals and values. The CenturyOne Foundation offers an avenue for those who are so inclined. We want our supporters to be as gratified by their gifts as we are gratified for the accomplishments these gifts make possible. Making informed decisions regarding your donations is an important part of your tax, financial, and estate planning. Care should be taken in selecting a gift that suits your particular circumstances and desires. Consideration should be given to the following questions: What should I give? What do I want to support? What will my gift accomplish? What are the tax benefits? Donations may be made to fund specific projects or we can place it where it is most needed.

Donations made by check should be made to CenturyOne Foundation, Inc. and sent to 235 Bellefontaine Street, Pasadena, California 91105 USA

Donations may also be made by charging your credit card American Express, MasterCard, Visa or Discover by calling 888-932-7123

CenturyOne Foundation · 626 441-2024 · or ONLINE via our secure server.


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